Upcoming: California X, Priests, and Gouge Away at Smash! Records

When I was in college at the University of Hartford, there was a group of cool artistic folk who hosted great parties at house that was known as the Weird Diner. The Weird… Continue reading

Dot Dash

About a year ago or so I started seeing Dot Dash listed as an opener for various different acts around town. Immediately I was curious about this band, since they were named after… Continue reading

Upcoming: Niki & the Dove and Vacationer at the Rock N Roll Hotel

Next Friday night, dream pop darlings Niki & the Dove are playing at the Rock N Roll Hotel with a wonderful opening band Vacationer. Vacationer has been an up and coming band I’ve… Continue reading

A New Pulp Song

Britpop legends Pulp have always been a band, I admired and looked up to. I was excited to learn of the release of a new song for the first time in 1o years.… Continue reading

Weekly Picks!

This week, I am most excited about the show at the Rocketship next week with Priests and Parquet Courts. Also I have been meaning to check out the Sniffs for sometime and it… Continue reading

The Last Few Days of 2012

I was working on a list of my favorite shows of 2012, I had a list of about 23 shows I truly enjoyed from a Propaghandi show when I was responding to work… Continue reading

Top 10 Songs of 2012

Now that I have returned from an epic month of travel that included flying on 9 planes over 3 oceans and with the election being over I figured its time to bring back… Continue reading

OFF Review by Valerie Paschall

So, Jess went to Divine Fits and I went to see OFF! for the 5th time. Here’s what I saw. DCist’s Rohan Mahadevan quipped during his post for OFF!’s Song of the Day… Continue reading


Last night, Southern Problems hosted a record release show at the Dunes in celebration of their new album Space. I thought about going but lately, I have been very busy with work and… Continue reading

Sold Out Shows

In the past week, I have been to three sold out shows. Starting with Bruce Springsteen on Friday night, Ceremony and Bloc Party Monday night and Purity Ring last night. Sold out shows… Continue reading